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Dream big and

re-imagine your organization.

Transformation for a Digital World

Business transformation for a digital world is not just a case of implementing technology. To fully harness the power of digital you need everyone in your organization to think differently. And that means changing the way your organization works.

What’s more organizations can’t afford to transform once. You need to embed the ability to change into the DNA of your organization, so you can continually adapt to a fast-moving new reality.

How Korn Ferry can help

Korn Ferry helps transform organizations into agile, connected businesses that can succeed in a fast moving digital world.

Specifically we’ll support you to:

  • Align your leadership team around a compelling vision, purpose and strategy for the digital world and communicate it in a clear and compelling way to the rest of the business.
  • Design an operating model, structure and new ways of working that support your strategy.
  • Build a culture that encourages innovation, risk taking and experimentation.
  • Identify the people in your current workforce who are digitally ready and develop those who aren’t.
  • Find the right people from the external market to fill key leadership roles. Learn more.
  • Build reward, performance management and other HR processes that motivate and enable your people to deliver on your goals.

Hear from Telefónica’s Global HR Director, Head of Corporate Strategy and Director of Global Talent to learn how we’re helping them transform their talent strategy as part of their digital transformation journey.

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