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Leadership transition is more

complex than many realize.

On-demand Broadcast: Transitions at the Top

The CEO succession process isn’t over when the search is completed and the selected candidate says “yes.” Leadership transition is more complex than many realize, affecting a company’s strategy, operating efficiency, and culture. For your top pick to be effective, key players who are often involved in selecting a candidate, need to play active, balanced roles to ensure a successful transition—especially the Board, CHRO, and senior managers, and especially during the critical first 18 months.

To further explore this important topic we invite you to join David Dotlich, co-author of Transitions at the Top, as he outlines why having a comprehensive framework, that enables all involved in the succession process, to see the big picture is vital to success. And, he’ll share insights on the key roles, players, and actions needed to ensure a successful transition once the executive is hired.

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