Assessments in action: Tool and reports

Gain instant access to joined-up real-time data and insights with our world-class employee assessment tools. Korn Ferry Select and Korn Ferry Assess both offer easy-to-interpret customizable reporting and can be integrated into existing HR infrastructure such as an ATS or HRIS.

Knowing what "good" looks like

Before you can measure candidates successfully, you need to define what you are measuring them against. Korn Ferry Select and Korn Ferry Assess use 4,000+ market-leading Success Profiles to show you what “good” looks like in any given role. Leveraging decades of job analysis and research, these define the work that needs to be done in each position, and the skills, experiences, competencies, and traits successful jobholders are likely to possess. People that are a close fit with Korn Ferry Success Profiles are as much as 13x more likely to be highly engaged in their jobs.

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Finding the perfect fit

Our online assessments give you a data-rich view of each individual, by measuring the combination of traits, drivers, competencies, and cognitive abilities highlighted in the Success Profile. The result: you can identify people at all levels who are aligned to your business strategy, feel emotionally invested in the culture, and exert discretionary effort to succeed.

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Output reports

Our assessment reports give you a clear view of the talent you have and the talent you need – and help you understand how to close the gap.

Korn Ferry Assess:

  • In-depth reports for leadership and potential requiring certification to interpret.
  • Easy-to-digest reports for self-led professional development, usable without additional training.

Korn Ferry Select:

  • Easily interpreted reports with no assessment training pre-requisites, giving you a high-level overview of which individuals will be right for your role and organization.

Customization and configuration

Make our solution your own. Incorporate your brand, language and preferences into the assessment interface and output reports – and create bespoke messages for different user audiences. You can also map your competency framework to ours to embed assessment practices within your overall talent management approach.

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