Internal Pay Equity & External Competitiveness

Internal pay equity and external pay competitiveness have a significant impact on your ability to attract, motivate and keep the best people. Korn Ferry Pay provides the tools you need to analyze your pay equity and competitiveness and identify any areas that could be improved.

Focused pay insights help build competitive reward programs.

  • See how your pay structure compares to the market.
  • Improve internal equity to motivate and keep good people.
  • Compare how high and low performers are rewarded.
  • Ensure you are staffing and paying job levels competitively.

Internal equity

Are you staffing job levels appropriately and paying like jobs similarly within and across job functions? Use the internal pay equity analysis tool to model and adjust your organization’s pay policy, and see how raising or lowering pay affects pay at the different job grades.

External competitiveness

How does your organization's median pay by job level compare to a market benchmark and what is considered fair pay? What does your headcount by level look like against competitors? Use our external competitiveness tools to find the answers, and see how many employees are impacted by variance to market. 

Interactive or ready-to-go

Want to explore the data in more detail? Need to present top-level findings to key stakeholders? You can choose to access your results in whichever way suits you best. Either view your high-level results through our Korn Ferry Pay platform and download them as a presentation-ready report. Or use the interactive dashboard to drill down into the details, slicing and dicing the data by job level, function, headcount, payroll cost and more. 

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