The future of reward in LATAM

Setting the right reward strategy in LATAM.

Latin America is made up of 33 countries that share close cultural, political, and economic ties. But despite their proximity, each country has unique requirements when it comes to setting the right reward strategies, due to the challenges created through their different economies, infrastructures, and labor laws. 

In addition, the traditional methods of rewarding employees in LATAM are under pressure to change, thanks to emerging trends such as globalization, increasing workforce mobility, and talent scarcity. These trends make setting the right reward strategy more important than ever, if businesses seek to remain competitive in the future. 

Join our webinar on 24 April, 1pm BRT, where our reward experts will examine these trends and challenges facing LATAM in 2019, and effects these will have on remuneration policies and practices.

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  • An overview of the Latin America reward landscape 
  • Salary movements and developments in the region 
  • Unique remuneration challenges facing LATAM 
  • Opportunities and challenges in the LATAM talent market

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