The future of reward in the Nordics

Setting the right reward strategy to manage talent in the Nordics.

In the face of the global talent shortage, the Nordics are facing challenges around recruiting the right people with the right skillset for the job.

However, due to different economic conditions in each of the Nordic countries setting the right reward strategy to manage their talent lifecycles is difficult.

In addition, global economic uncertainty around Brexit, and the direction of China and the USA’s economies are creating challenges for Nordic employers around designing reward programs that are effective in attracting the right talent for the role.

In a discussion hosted by Mikael Aarnio, we will explore the challenges facing the Nordic market.

23 April 2019, 2pm CEST

Join our Future of Reward in the Nordics webinar to learn more about:

  • The challenges around setting the right reward strategy in the face of the talent shortage.
  • How digitalisation is shaping the job market in the Nordics.
  • Global economic trends impacting the future of reward in the Nordics.
  • Strategies HR can employ to effectively meet these challenges.

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