Gig Economy Panel Discussion

ISG Director Stacey Cadigan, Korn Ferry Solution Architect Ben Frost, and Korn Ferry Operative Executive and President, Talent Acquisition Solutions Jeanne MacDonald gathered during a recent panel to discuss why organizations should be trying harder to make gig workers feel like a part of the organization.

As the shift within organizations moves from hiring contingent workers to drive cost savings to hiring them to achieve strategic—and often business-critical—milestones, businesses need to rethink how they attract, engage, and even (to some extent) retain members of the gig economy.

With great insights into how companies are managing the shift and best practices for mitigating risks, the Gig Economy Panel Discussion is w ell-worth 40 minutes of your time.


  • Benjamin Frost

    Solution Architect

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  • Jeanne MacDonald

    President, Global RPO Solutions

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