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Korn Ferry

Leadership is a journey

that takes a career to fulfill.

What leaders need to be and need to do to succeed

At Korn Ferry, comprehensive development programs are available for each leader level across the organization, and specialized for specific leadership challenges, functions, and roles, as needed. We draw from our Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent to define exactly who leaders need to be and what they need to do to succeed.

To prepare leaders for today and tomorrow, we also draw from the Four Pillars of Leadership Development:

  • Context is critical. Design development around the real business mission, culture, challenges and opportunities. This provides the context required for leaders' development to be transformational and drive measurable ROI.
  • Develop the whole person. Focus on what leaders need to be and do. Build the characteristics crucial to sustaining successful leadership and develop specific context-driven competencies to align to and activate the business strategy.
  • Treat leadership development as a journey. Move beyond transactional development. Learning and application of those lessons occur with the business context, with an intensity and timeframe that match the ambition and scale of the desired strategic shift.
  • Service promotes purpose. Link business strategy with purpose. The opportunity to contribute beyond oneself activates inherent leadership capabilities and enables people to experience the power and impact of true leadership.

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