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Workforce Performance

Harness your employees’ best work.

It’s easy to say, “You need to hire the right people and then allow them to perform at their best.” But how, exactly, do you do that effectively and sustainably, through your talents’ entire career path?

Our Workforce Performance team works with many of the world’s leading organizations to do just that. Partnering with Korn Ferry will allow you to:

  • Support employees at all levels around the world achieve high levels of performance and engagement. 
  • Maximize performance, collaboration, and innovation across your enterprise globally. 
  • Create a scalable and sustainable strategy, process, and solution set for workforce development and engagement.

Capacity building.

The Korn Ferry approach to optimized workforce performance is based on two central premises:

A capacity-building mindset supports the idea that there are no limitations to an individual’s ability to grow, learn, and develop. By reducing bias and barriers to development, an employee’s skills and level of contribution can expand significantly.

The Four Stages of Contribution is a research-based, framework for individual performance and development. The research proved that careers don’t proceed in a straight line based on level but, instead, are characterized by four distinct career stages:

  • Stage one: Contributing dependently.
  • Stage two: Contributing independently.
  • Stage three: Contributing through others.
  • Stage four: Contributing strategically.

Each stage requires different activities, skills, and interaction. Transitioning from one stage to another is complex and demands a significant shift in an individual’s thinking. What often helped individuals succeed in one stage actually can work against them as they transition to the next one.

Our continued research and extensive experience has led to powerful tools to help during these transitions.


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