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of access that benefits your entire enterprise.

Workforce Performance, Inclusion & Diversity eLearning Programs

Our interactive and blended learning solutions provide the development you need with the ease of access that benefits your entire enterprise. In the areas of diversity and inclusion and talent development, we offer traditional eLearning, immersive learning simulations, next generation tools, and a variety of continuous learning services (coaching, scribe videos, research, social media, etc.) to achieve your learning goals and increase individual and organizational performance.

Learn more about our interactive learning courses:

  • Appreciating Differences eLearning
  • Breakthrough Cultural Competency in Health Care™
  • Breakthrough Inclusion
  • Building Trusting Relationships
  • Dialogue on Diversity
  • eGrid Messaging Tool
  • Inclusive Recruiting and Hiring eLearning
  • Leveraging Diverse Thinking Styles
  • Managing Inclusion eLearning
  • TalentDevelopment eLearning
  • Vectors eLearning

Appreciating Differences eLearning

Appreciating Differences delivers a full-day foundational diversity and inclusion classroom training session in a 60-minute, self-paced interactive eLearning format. The course takes a pressure-free approach to exploring diversity, enables learners to discover how diversity impacts business, and affords users a private examination of their reactions towards human differences. The course promotes practical application, challenges learners with realistic scenarios requiring Change Agent action, and enables the learner to produce and download a What to Do on Monday™ Planner.

Breakthrough Cultural Competency in Health Care™

Breakthrough Cultural Competency in Healthcare™ is a comprehensive CME/CE accredited online training program designed to help health care providers and staff improve the quality of care delivered to culturally diverse patients. Designed for immediate application and lasting impact, participants gain the strategies, skills, and confidence to deliver culturally competent care, leading to higher levels of patient satisfaction, adherence to treatment regimens, and reimbursement.

Breakthrough Inclusion

This innovative multimodal program delivers the best of Korn Ferry’s diversity and inclusion and leadership content across several modalities, appealing to multiple generations of learners and all learning styles. Individuals and leaders explore the value of creating diverse-by-design teams, build cultural fluency, broaden relationships, and increase engagement and performance through a story-driven approach to skill development. Program assets are highly customizable and include: video episodes (novellas), animated (scribe) videos, eLearning modules, podcasts, 3D virtual learning sessions, and social learning.

Building Trusting Relationships

Building Trusting Relationships™ is an interactive online training course for associates at all levels that uses video dramatization, interactive exercises, self-assessments, and quizzes to reinforce skill development and check for understanding. A 90-minute self-paced learning course with four interactive modules takes participants through the trust process, focusing on critical skills for the development of building trusting relationships in the workplace using our model of Familiarity, Comfort and Trust® (FCT®). The course also provides foundational understanding to help participants apply learning in realistic scenarios.

Dialogue on Diversity

Dialogue on Diversity® is an interactive online training course appropriate for all associates that provides foundational knowledge of the different dimensions of diversity and inclusion. Learners gain understanding of how the same situation may be seen and experienced from different perspectives. This one-hour course provides a fun, personal, self-paced journey through nine diversity and inclusion concepts that will make an immediate impact personally and professionally.

eGrid Messaging Tool

The Grid™ is a simple and effective message development tool that has been used by thousands of professionals to create clear and compelling messages that move audiences to action. The Grid features a simple approach to identifying your subject and audience, articulating and supporting your point of view, and integrating stories, humor, and analogies into your message. Your Grid-based presentations will be notable for their strong openings, memorable closings, and clear calls to action.

Inclusive Recruiting and Hiring eLearning

Inclusive Recruiting and Hiring is a highly engaging and interactive experience focused on giving recruiters, HR specialists, and hiring managers a new perspective on inclusive recruiting and hiring and its benefits. This 90-minute online course with four modules explores best practices for attracting and onboarding talent from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups into their organization.

Leveraging Diverse Thinking Styles

This 90-minute course is designed to help executives, managers, supervisors, and associates understand the concept of diverse thinking styles and the importance of thinking style diversity in building a productive and inclusive workplace. Participants learn to recognize potential thinking style clues in communication according to the Whole Brain® model from Herrmann International. Participants will also learn how these thinking styles can be leveraged in various contexts in the workplace, such as communication, addressing teambuilding expectations, innovation, and championing a style-inclusive culture.

Managing Inclusion eLearning

Managing Inclusion eLearning, a 90-minute, self-paced course with nine interactive modules, is designed to help learners understand the business case for inclusion and how to develop key skills to achieve higher levels of contribution, performance, and engagement from their teams. Interactive explanations and exercises take the learner through the program addressing both the overall managerial philosophy and strategy that promotes employee effectiveness, as well as practical, specific behaviors to implement them. Recommendations for ways that the learner can apply the learning to their specific situation are provided in each module and learners leave with a custom action plan they commit to implementing when they return to work.

TalentDevelopment eLearning

This 60-minute eLearning course is designed for all employees who wish to accelerate their career development. Participants are introduced to the Four Stages™ of Contribution model, career orientations, and the importance of honest feedback to the development process. Interactive exercises throughout the course confirm comprehension. Learners build an action plan for creating a more satisfying career, which can be used as a development tool with their manager.

Vectors eLearning

In every workplace there are invisible forces that can have a negative impact on the success and engagement of employees, based not on their skills and abilities, but on how similar or different they are from the profile of success and organizational norms. This 90-minute course was created for executives, managers, and associates alike. It introduces the concept and problem solving tool called Vectors™ and demonstrates the impact that Vectors can have on the engagement, productivity, and performance of individuals and teams in workplaces around the world.   |

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