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A new breed of best-in-class

marketers for an expanded role.


Driving an enterprise-wide business transformation agenda.

As industries face more competitive markets, savvier and more demanding customers, and a more complex, ever-changing environment, marketers are increasingly tasked with driving business transformation and creating tangible business value. They are engaged in enterprise-wide strategic leadership and need to lead the organization around change mandates; they are also expected to define or refine the business model and go-to-market strategy, and drive measurable business results. The days when marketing simply built brands, created above-the-line programs, and targeted customers are long gone. Today, marketing and, more specifically, the Chief Marketing Officer are increasingly strategic, commercial, and fiscally focused, and in many cases are altering how business is done.

A new breed of best-in-class marketers for an expanded role.

Best-in-class and aspiring CMOs need to excel at an array of skills to thrive in this expanded role. As strategic business partners they need high levels of analytical and financial acumen, commercial savvy, and a strong results orientation. More entwined than ever with other functions, they need strong leadership and influencing skills. Customer expectations are high, and they need deep customer centricity and vision to innovate and stay ahead of the customer. Sitting at the epicenter of the external forces of change, CMOs and their teams need high levels of Learning Agility in order to keep pace. And given the heightened role of technology, they need to integrate specialists along with the generalists on their teams. Although this is a common thread for transformative marketing leaders across industries, business challenges vary and it is critical to connect the business mandate to the role and define the specific balance of capabilities needed in the marketing leader to achieve the business objectives.

Global presence with local expertise and a full range of solutions.

Korn Ferry’s Global Marketing Center of Expertise focuses on helping organizations attract, develop, and retain best-in-breed talent for Chief Marketing Officers and other senior marketing leaders. Located in key business centers around the globe, our team has worked in and with the world’s leading companies and has specialized knowledge of the nuances of different marketing roles and leaders. In conjunction with industry specialists, they partner with clients on the “upfront diagnosis” to connect the business mandate to the deliverables of the role and the definition of the specific candidate profile and success factors, including measurable leadership competencies. By aligning the business agenda with CMO success factors, we help you ensure that your CMO and senior marketers are the right leaders to drive your strategic goals. Beyond strategic search, they also partner with our Leadership Consultants across the talent management continuum to help clients identify their Marketing leaders’ potential, drive development, accelerate readiness, and energize transitions. We are the only firm that can help you identify internal and external CMO talent, measure Learning Agility, and develop, design, and align learning agile marketing teams.

Coverage and Functional Areas:

  • CMO
  • Chief Commercial/Customer Officer

  • Advertising and Marketing Communications

  • Branding/Strategic Marketing
  • Activation/Operational Marketing

  • CEM/CRM/Direct Marketing

  • Customer Experience

  • Commercial Strategy/Growth/Business Development

  • Digital/Social Media

  • Field/Trade Marketing

  • Insights/Analytics

  • Product Development and Innovation
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