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It’s not the change that defines the future;

it’s how your leaders respond to it.

Media & Entertainment

In the hyperevolving world of content creation and distribution, leaders who drive success are those who can build management teams that identify and harness compelling content to motivate audiences to view, engage, and connect across multiple platforms. As such, there are new opportunities for consumer brands to reach audiences in fresh ways across multiple platforms, as well as new data driven/real time consumer engagement understanding for companies.

Korn Ferry’s Media & Entertainment Sector provides the experience and expertise you need to hire and develop leaders who know not only how to steadily respond to a fiercely competitive environment, but best position you as a key player across emerging business models. We offer a full suite of talent solutions to meet your needs, including strategic search, high-potential development programs, one-on-one executive coaching, strategic talent design, and succession planning. Our deep industry experience enables us to provide you with unmatched access, understanding, and context for the challenges you are facing.

It’s not the change that defines the future; it’s how your leaders respond to it.

We understand the fundamental transformation the industry is going through. Existing platforms must be leveraged while new ones created and embraced — all while driving revenue, responding to consumer demands, and balancing risk. Leaders who possess vision, cross-platform digital and traditional media experience, influencing and inspiring skills, the capacity to build and manage teams, and the ability to respond to big data are critical to sustainable success. They must lead in the face of constant and rapid changes in technology, consumer tastes, and economic models as well as amid competition for viewers and advertising dollars.

The biggest risk organizations face is failing to have the best management team to make critical decisions on people, strategy, and operational excellence. We can help mitigate it.

Korn Ferry is strategically positioned to meet the talent needs of media and entertainment companies in traditional areas as well as in the move toward technology-driven solutions and platforms. In addition, we work with technology companies that see opportunities to move closer to the content space utilizing new platforms, products, and services for content consumers. Our experienced consultants have worked with the world’s leading traditional and emerging media companies to recruit senior management teams, help them identify their leaders' potential, drive development, accelerate readiness, and energize transitions. We are the only firm that can help you identify internal and external talent while simultaneously developing these leaders through engaging, proven solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Whether you are an emerging media firm, a traditional entertainment company, or an established mega-contender, your ability to attract, develop, and retain the best leaders is critical to your success, your future, and your chance to be relevant.

Coverage and Functions:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • Programming
  • Production
  • Development
  • Theatrical
  • Broadcast and Cable Television
  • Home Entertainment
  • Music
  • Digital (Broadband and Mobile)
  • Publishing (Print and Music)
  • Location-Based Entertainment
  • Licensing and Merchandising
  • Game Platforms
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