Employee Rewards

Matching what your business needs with what people really value

Make your employee rewards work for you and your people

At their best, employee rewards programs help you get the most out of your people and recruit and retain top talent. When they’re not working, they can interfere with your ability to deliver on your business and people goals. They also help you spend your money wisely, so you’re getting returns on what you’re investing in your people.

But many businesses struggle to get it right. Budgets are tight, business and people strategies evolve, regulations vary within and across geographies, and you need to know your markets inside and out to stay competitive.

Having a partner with insights and expertise on pay, benefits, incentives and reward programs can help you create and manage a fair and equitable program that really pays off. One that’s tailored to your company so that you can attract and retain the talent that your business needs.

Total Rewards: A Korn Ferry Buyers' Guide

Finding the right balance to attract and retain talent requires a comprehensive and flexible approach to Total Rewards

How we help you

We help organizations around the globe create successful employee rewards programs by:

Creating a total rewards strategy

We help you create a strategy that supports your business goals and attracts and keeps the best people.

Optimizing costs & investments

We help you rationalize the spend on your total rewards programs, prioritizing the areas most appreciated by your people.

Shaping variable pay programs

Our incentive programs motivate your people, making it clear how your performance expectations translate to additional rewards.

Developing job and organization frameworks

We help you develop a framework of jobs and functions that enables you to manage your people while providing context for them to manage their development and careers.

Benchmarking & auditing pay

We draw on up-to-date compensation data and insights from 20 million people, in 25,000 organizations, to create pay benchmarks specific to your job roles, industry and location. We use it to see how your reward programs compare to your competitors, and we recommend improvements to attract and retain great talent.

Helping you make the case for change

We can support you in building your business case, planning how you roll out changes and making sure your people understand how your new system supports your strategy while aligning with your values and culture.

Advising you on benefits that work for everyone

Employee benefits speak volumes about your values, priorities and the protection you offer employees. We use our expertise and methodologies to help you build benefit systems that support your people and business needs, while ensuring equity, fairness and wellbeing.

Let us be part of your success story

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