We literally wrote the book on job evaluation and grading methodology for job roles and levels. But when it comes to mapping out job roles and associating relevant salary bands to them, we recognize that every organization is unique. That’s why we developed our custom job grading tool, to give you the ability to create job grades that suit your organization and are compensated appropriately.

An integrated solution

Through the Korn Ferry Pay platform you can create job grades for your own unique roles, and associate salary bands to them using our proven job evaluation methodology.

We work with you to align your internal grades to our database, so that you know you’re comparing the same-sized jobs for benchmarking. Your grades will sit within the Korn Ferry Pay platform so that you can run reports against them, and extract data and insights that are meaningful to you and your team.

What you can do with custom job grades

  • See where people in each unique grade fit within an associated salary band. 
  • Ensure people are being paid fairly within job levels.
  • Provide your employees with a data-driven rationale for their salaries.
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