Different levels of support - designed to suite you

When you buy our Korn Ferry Select and Korn Ferry Assess digital solutions, you can choose the level of support, services and consulting you need to set yourself up for success.

Digital services

We help with platform implementation, set-up and ongoing enablement to ensure you get the most out of your talent assessment solution. Choose the level of support that’s right for you:

  • Silver – self-service option, most suitable if you are a light assessment user or confident in your in-house assessment capabilities.
  • Gold – enhanced services, most suitable if you are a regular assessment user and need more tailored help.
  • Platinum – most suitable if you would like a more personalized level of partnership to help integrate and drive more sophisticated assessment initiatives.

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Ad hoc assessment administration support

Free up time to spend on strategic initiatives by using our experts to top up your HR team’s assessment administration support. We can handle all the day-to-day administration and execution for you, using your platform.

  • Available for one or multiple assessment projects.
  • An add-on to the Silver, Gold and Platinum service levels.

Assessment consultancy

We know talent assessment is often part of a broader strategic initiative. For that reason, we also offer strategic consultancy integrated with your digital solution. Our expert consultants can partner with you to provide the advice and support you need. Whether you’re translating business strategy into talent needs, choosing who to assess and when, or decide on the best course of action following the assessment process, we can help.
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