Making lasting talent decisions is difficult in today’s changing environment. But we can give you instant access to the data and insights you need. Use our world-class employee assessments to build effective talent pipelines and identify the right people to achieve your business goals.

Korn Ferry Assess helps you achieve your ideal “build” to “buy” ratio, by enabling you to make precise, confident decisions about your current employees. Gain in-depth insights into your people through scalable psychometric self-assessment and multi-rater feedback tools – and use them to accelerate the performance of individuals, teams, and your overall organization. Our talent management assessments leverage our best-in-class Success Profiles and enable you to:

  • Identify high potential
  • Target areas for professional development
  • Leverage the best leadership talent within your organization

High potential assessment

Future-proof your organization by pinpointing your genuine high potential employees.

Accurately measure the potential of individuals to advance and succeed in more challenging roles. With scalable, validated employee assessments and a consistent method to describe talent and potential, you can evaluate the true strength of your leadership pipeline.

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Professional development assessment

Develop talent for winning performance at all levels.

Measure the competencies, traits and drivers of everyone in your organization – not just senior talent. Our scalable self-assessments and multi-rater feedback surveys provide you with rich development insights and an action planning guide to help Individuals succeed in their roles and careers.

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Leadership assessment

Identify best-fit leaders, before they are in role.

Use Korn Ferry Assess to measure people’s readiness for immediate leadership positions, and key development areas. Aimed at mid-level leaders and above, both inside and outside your organization, it offers data-driven insights into how an individual’s skills and personality fit with the requirements of the role.

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Assessments in action: tools and reports

Korn Ferry Assess gives you instant access to data and insights on your people, with straightforward output reports to give you a clear view of the talent you have and the talent you need – and how to close the gap.

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Choose the level of assessment support that you need

We know that every organization is different. So, we make using Korn Ferry Assess as flexible as possible, and offer a choice of services, support and consulting to suit your business needs.

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Identify the right people, fast

Looking to make more rapid and confident hiring decisions? Korn Ferry Select enables you to make unbiased, data-driven talent decisions, knowing that you’re evaluating what equips people for success.

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