Senior Principal

Esther Driessen is a Senior Principal for Korn Ferry based in the Firm's Princeton office.

Ms. Driessen specializes in employee benefits including retirement, health, and post-retirement medical. She provides financial and Internal Revenue Service regulated consulting for clients with defined benefit pension plans.

Ms. Driessen helps clients design, administer, and evaluate competitive benefits and total remuneration programs.

Ms. Driessen has over twenty years of experience in all areas of benefits, especially retirement benefits. She provides broad actuarial expertise related to defined benefit pension plans, to comply with Internal Revenue Code (US), and Financial and Government Accounting Standard Boards (FASB and/or GASB) rules.

Ms. Driessen has extensive experience performing specialized nondiscrimination and coverage testing for all retirement plans. She also works on competitive benefit and total remuneration benchmarking studies for executives and the workforce at large. These studies will often include redesign of benefits programs.

Ms. Driessen holds a bachelor's of science from the University of Connecticut where she majored in mathematics. She continued her studies in actuarial science and is an enrolled actuary with US Internal Revenue Service, a member of American Academy of Actuaries, and a fellow of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries.

Ms. Driessen is fluent in Spanish and Dutch.