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Organizations within Consumer Markets face a variety of challenges today that require them to reimagine how they work and who does that work. Digital technology is accelerating the speed of transactions and the overall nature of the consumer markets industry. Meanwhile, intense growth from global competitors means that supply chain optimization and acquisition strategies have come to the forefront. Add to this the need to respond to dramatically shifting customer and workforce preferences and demographics. Consumer markets businesses need an agile, diverse workforce, adaptive, cost-effective organizational structure, and innovative talent strategies that align with their corporate imperatives, mission and purpose.

With deep expertise in the food and beverage, personal care, household products, durable goods, consumer electronics, and health and wellness industries, our consultants deliver in-depth insight into the ever-changing state of consumer packaged goods. We help you identify opportunities to improve your talent and leadership acquisition and development, organizational design, diversity and inclusion programs, rewards and benefits strategies, and more—helping you win in the market by leveraging your most valuable assets: your leadership and your people.

Where we can help

Your results are what matters. We partner with you to continually evolve and optimize to reflect changing markets. We help our clients in the consumer markets industry address challenges like these:

Building effective talent acquisition and talent management strategies

No matter where you are in your organization’s growth cycle, the ability to attract, develop and retain the best people is critical to your long-term success. The leaders of tomorrow’s consumer organizations will be smart forward-thinkers who guide multicultural, multigenerational teams built on agility, flexibility and innovation.

Our consumer markets consultants work collaboratively with your business to create strategies that identify and develop internal and external talent. In doing so, we build dynamic, experienced, future-ready leadership teams that drive creativity, innovate growth and improve efficiencies. We also work with you to incorporate diversity and inclusion into your talent acquisition, management and succession strategies.

Accelerating digital transformation

In the past, it might have taken years to create a new consumer product. Today, technology-fueled innovations arrive in a matter of months, shrinking the time to market. Navigating today’s market and competitive forces requires consumer markets organizations to be as technologically advanced as businesses in any other industry. That demands leaders and talent with the skills to excel in the digital world, including learning agility, connectivity and adaptability.

We help your company recruit new talent as well as reskill and upskill your current talent with the right cross-functional skills to excel both now and into the future. We know what the new future of work requires and we will help you develop a talent profile that defines the skills and core capabilities your people will need to succeed. We work with you to design structures and job definitions focused on digital transformation and geared toward key competencies such as agility, connectivity, discipline and focus, empowerment and alignment, and openness and transparency. Then, we help you identify and assess candidates who match your ideal profile so you can achieve your goals. Our solutions will allow you to put the right people in the right place, so your organization is not only ready for new opportunities—it’s also the one innovating them.

Realigning organizational structure

When markets turn volatile and consumer demand surges or wanes, many consumer markets organizations start to consider structural changes. If you are undergoing a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or other structural realignment, you also need to evaluate your shifting workforce needs. You have to assess not only whether you have the talent you need to manage current disruptions but also whether you have a workable and affordable talent and organizational strategy that will optimize costs and allow you to flex into the future.

Our organizational consultants have decades of experience in helping consumer markets organizations deliver sustainable strategies that ensure business agility and continuity—enabling them to weather any crisis. We help you evaluate cost-cutting tactics, such as organizational restructuring, outsourcing and right-sizing. We also work with you to develop talent and engagement strategies that raise productivity and efficiency, improving your organization’s stability.

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Let us be part of your success story

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