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Manufacturers and talented employees know that profitability relies on their ability to stay in front of market challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. And that means they need to find people ready to optimize their supply chain and turn it into a competitive advantage.  

An optimized supply chain requires talent with a skill set that’s hard to find. Successful supply chain leaders and employees are strategic thinkers, planners and collaborators with a variety of strengths that include vision, results orientation and a mix of soft skills. Supply chain leaders and employees also need cross-functional experience in product innovation, business acumen, system technologies and automation. 

Korn Ferry’s supply chain recruiters give businesses a critical competitive edge by attracting and developing best-in-class leaders and their reports. We were the first major search firm to offer dedicated supply chain recruiting services. Our supply chain recruiters work with companies around the globe to hire for roles including lean manufacturing, plant management, quality assurance, distribution, logistics and procurement purchasing—and much more.

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The supply chain is the heart and soul of manufacturing. It’s the first team to feel the impact of rising costs, global market changes and new technologies. Since market dynamics are always evolving and changing due to trade wars, labor fluctuations and automation opportunities, today’s supply chain professionals—and supply chain recruitment services—must stay one step ahead. Korn Ferry’s supply chain recruiters know that having the right talent enables organizations to address these challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth. We’re here to help you find the talent you need, whether that’s permanent or interim hires, single employees or hires at scale, from the professional to executive level. 

Mine our extensive candidate databases and global talent networks to select and attract high-caliber people, no matter your industry or location.

Define a vision for your future talent needs and leverage our Success Profiles—the blueprints that identify the key competencies and attributes needed to excel in a role—to pinpoint the skills your people need to work in an increasingly digital supply chain environment.

Build a leadership bench by highlighting the skills you need to support your operating model, assess existing talent to recognize high potentials and secure external talent who can close your skill gaps.


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