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Customers have changed. Buyers have more information at their fingertips than ever before, so unless a purchase decision seems risky or complex, sellers are often an afterthought. But many sales organizations have yet to recognize the widening gap between buyers and sellers. As a result, win and conversion rates are flat. Tried-and-true sales techniques have less impact. Sales success today comes down to one thing: your people.  

Sales leaders, managers and front-line sellers are high-risk, high-reward personalities who impact your revenue, perhaps more than any other component of your company. They’re critical to market success, so you’ve got to find the right fit. That’s why time and again, leading businesses across the country turn to the sales recruitment experts at Korn Ferry to get the job done.  

Korn Ferry’s sales recruiters know that sales transformation starts with your people. We help you find the best sales talent so you can close the gap between potential and performance. Our sales recruiting team helps sales organizations recruit everyone from front-line sellers to sales leaders in a variety of industries, including food service, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, real estate and software.

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Korn Ferry sales recruiters identify exceptional talent at every level to help your company’s sales force evolve, with options for everything from direct hires to interim projects and from single hires to hiring at scale. Our sales recruiting experts know that past performance is no guarantee of future success. That’s why we find exceptional sales hires with intellectual curiosity, passion and drive to succeed. These are individuals with inclusive leadership skills, decision-making confidence, operational insights and professional presence who bring a fresh, innovative perspective to your company and drive business success. 

Accelerate revenue growth by putting the right sales executives, sales leaders and salespeople with the right skills and mindset in the right roles using Korn Ferry’s assessments.

Benchmark your sales leaders’ skills and competencies against high-performing Success Profiles and build training and coaching programs that close high potentials’ skill gaps.

Tap into global data pools and extensive candidate databases, with guidance from expert sales recruiters ready to bring top, diverse talent to your doorstep.


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