Claas Florian


Senior Principal

Claas Florian Engelke is member of the Assessment & Succession and Leadership Development team in EMEA.

He works as assessor and coach for leaders, ranging from junior leadership positions to top management / C-Suite. He is equipped with more than 20 years of consultancy experience in a vast variety of industries and national cultures.

By making sure projects run smoothly, stakeholders are fully taken on board, and new ideas are born, Florian fully embraces his passion for leadership assessment, leadership development and organizational development. Over the years, he has gained profound insights into the pharma, IT, retail, production, and financial industries.

Florian Engelke has conceptualized, managed and executed large-scale leadership summits to help drive change within organizations.

Claas Florian Engelke accompanies and supports clients as Senior Principal, focusing on leadership assessment, leadership development, team development, and change.

He worked for several boutique and international consulting firms as psychometrician, assessor, leadership coach, facilitator, and change manager. Before that he worked for several international organizations (BBC Manchester, Chanel Paris, ICHEIC Gloucester) as leadership developer and he ran his own company.

He is a publishing author and has specialized in Ethical Leadership in the international arena, zooming in on ethical dilemmas, ethical leadership development, and organizational change in this regard. His upcoming book will be published through Routledge / UK, entitled “The Practice of Ethical Leadership”. He regularly contributes articles on subjects such as Humble Leadership, Political Leadership or Critical Thinking.