Senior Director and Senior Scientist, Korn Ferry Institute

As a senior scientist and senior member of the Korn Ferry Institute Mr. Lewis assumes a leadership role in many enterprise-wide research activities assessment-related developmental activities and related strategic initiatives.

Mr. Lewis consults and works regularly with internal and external clients on issues pertaining to assessment application/validation/interpretation, developing and implementing related client-facing systems, applied study design, ad-hoc and project-oriented analytics, and more.

Mr. Lewis's primary interests include measurement for the social sciences, research design, analytics, data modeling, and statistics,. His work focuses on how social, psychological, and behavioral factors interact with job and organizational variables to affect organization and person-level outcomes of common and notable interest to businesses and talent management professionals.

Mr. Lewis is a co-creator of the KF4D assessment, and is the primary author of both the Enterprise and Executive versions of the KF4D Technical Manuals. He also authored many technical documents for the Decision Styles Assessment, as well as serving as author and/or contributing author of several market facing publications on the value-add benefit and application of psychological discovery and assessment within organizations.

His work has appeared in several peer-reviewed scientific publications as well, including Assessment & Development Matters, The Journal of Educational Psychology, Teacher's College Record, Science Education, the Journal of College Student Retention, Remedial and Special Education, and others.

Prior to joining Korn Ferry in 2010, Mr. Lewis worked as a professor, lecturer, and institutional researcher, as well as a contributing grant-writer and staff scientist on a variety of multiyear & multidisciplinary research teams funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and others. He also worked for several years as a professional jazz musician.

Mr. Lewis earned his PhD in Education, MA is Special Education, and BA in Linguistics from the University of California, Riverside, where he also was a member of the men's baseball team as an undergraduate. He also earned an MS in Statistics/Quantitative Psychology from UCLA.