Senior Principal

Jan Kennedy is the Territory Consulting Director and Senior Principalfor Korn Ferry based in the Firm's Ottawa office.

Ms. Kennedy has over fifteen years of consulting and general HR management experience. She works primarily in the areas of organizational analysis, work measurement, and developing compensation strategies that support and contribute to organizational success.

Ms. Kennedy has delivered successful human resource and compensation management solutions for a wide range of organizations, primarily within the broader public sector. Much of her consulting experience is with Crown corporations, agencies and separate employers, municipalities, universities, and provincial government departments and separate employers in various parts of Canada.

Ms. Kennedy has an interest in working with clients to facilitate the development and implementation of effective reward management strategies. Much of her efforts have focused on organizational analysis and design work, job evaluation and work measurement-related initiatives, and compensation-related matters.

Ms. Kennedy has worked with many organizations to define and assess work and roles at all levels and advise on organization design considerations. She has extensive experience training and working with job evaluation committees, and has worked with a diversity of clients to develop compensation strategies and best practice.

Previously, Ms. Kennedy worked with the Nova Scotia Public Service Commission's compensation division, served as director of HR for a Halifax-based university, and has served with a number of large, international professional services firms.

Ms. Kennedy holds a bachelor of arts degree from McGill University, and has taught and served as a guest speaker at the university and community college level.