General Manager

Johan Blomqvist is a General Manager for Korn Ferry based in the firm’s Helsinki office. He has been with the firm for over 15 years in both Finland and Sweden.

Mr. Blomqvist has delivered several major organizational change & resourcing programs, e.g. designing fit for purpose operating models, facilitating top team governance & role design, and functional/regional organizational design. He has also facilitated change implementation projects, including change readiness assessments, culture transformation initiatives, and performance management model design, ensuring sustainable change for the client businesses.

Mr. Blomqvist has delivered an extensive number of job architecture & pay management deliveries, supporting clients in ensuring the right resources short- and long-term and helping them optimize their payroll spend.

Through various roles within Korn Ferry, as a consultant and manager, Mr. Blomqvist has gained a wide range experience, supporting both international and domestic clients from several sectors.

Mr. Blomqvist’s areas of expertise include: strategy execution, organizational design and implementation, job design and measurement, workforce planning and sizing, talent strategies, and reward effectiveness, etc.

Mr. Blomqvist holds a master of science in economics from the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration (Hanken) in Helsinki and has accomplished Malaysian International Business Program (Asian Business studies) in Kuala Lumpur.

He is fluent in English, Swedish, and Finnish.