Principal Consultant

As part of Korn Ferry Advisory team, Nicolette works as a Principal Consultant in the Amsterdam office. She works with a broad range of clients on people and organisational effectiveness projects in the areas of Assessments and Talent & Succession Management and Leadership Development.

Nicolette helps organizations with creating fit for purpose leadership and talent development processes and programs to meet their strategic needs.

She has been involved in selling, designing and delivering programs to enable long term leadership development and to help people understand and develop new competencies and behaviours.

She brings twenty years of experience and has worked with clients in  organizations across industries.

Nicolette is known for her result orientation without losing empathy and she easily connects with people on various levels.

She helps organization to develop talent, organize people to be more effective and motivate them to perform at their best.

It is her passion to help people change their behavior in a sustainable way, and therefore help organizations change and perform better in the long run. She strives for excellent results, is sensitive in working with different people and eager to co-create with clients and colleagues and
to bring the most out of others.

Her focus is on making change happen and helping people and organizations to realize their potential. 

Nicolette has worked for Korn Ferry and legacy HayGroup since since 2014. Prior to that she worked for several other HR Consulting firms. Nicolette  studied Psychology at the University of Utrecht. She is accredited to use a variety of surveys and methodologies, including KFLA, Birkman, Inventory Leadership Styles, Organizational Climate Survey, Emotional Competency Inventory, KF360 and several psychological tests as Talent Q and KF4D.