Sarah E.


Career & Leadership Coach, Senior Consultant

Sarah Elizabeth Williams is an experienced leadership & career development coach with over a decade of history advising candidates in all aspects of the career planning and professional development processes.

Sarah's background includes individual coaching and group learning sessions for organizations such as SAS, Chase, Triangle Society of Human Resource Managers, Black MBA, and Engineering Associations. As a former Director of Career Development for a coding school she strategized and successfully executed their career programs from the ground up. Furthermore, Sarah was instrumental in the expansion of SAS’s internal mobility program, worked with diversity & inclusion programs and served as a senior career transition coach for Lee Hecht Harrison coaching thousands of professionals from C-Suite executives to early career.

Throughout her career, Sarah has been featured in numerous podcasts and news outlets on the topics of career advancement and internal mobility. Warm, intuitive, insightful Sarah asks deep reflective questions to help professionals cut through the external noise and get clear on who they are and what serves them best. She is known for helping professionals make authentic and strategic career choices that ultimately support the life they want to live.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Development graduating with honors from the University of Illinois. She is a certified resume writer and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a master’s degree in Career Counseling from North Carolina Central University where she was exposed to over 250 career assessment tools.

In her spare time, Sarah is passionate about advocacy for children with ADHD, creative writing, interior decorating, black history documentaries and her latest hobby- knitting.