Senior Client Partner, ESG and Head of Sustainability North America; Energy and Infrastructure Practices

Shelly Fust was co-founder of Korn Ferry’s Sustainability COE in 2007 as corporations began to address the environmental and social issues that were starting to shape corporate priorities (“The Inconvenient Truth” released ’06). New leadership was needed to shape the response and engage at all levels from the boardroom to Wall Street, with media, NGOs, government, employees and customers.  

Korn Ferry is uniquely positioned to utilize its global talent and organizational footprint to provide Sustainability thought leadership, functional knowledge and breadth, broad and highly-relevant industry sector expertise. Shelly and the Korn Ferry team continue to expand organizational capabilities to address the ever-evolving Sustainability and ESG needs of clients. 

Shelly works with global corporations, private equity, NFP and NGO clients to identify, recruit and develop the learning-agile leadership needed to deliver transformative solutions for sustainable businesses, products, financing, technologies, regulatory and legislative regimes. 

These transformational, learning-agile Sustainability and ESG enterprise leaders play an instrumental role in identifying and integrating complex and innovative technologies, infrastructure, process and systems that promote Sustainability and ESG resiliency, mitigate impact on our global ecosystem, foster innovation and transparency and facilitate access to needed capital while delivering operational and financial success.

As a member of our Energy and Infrastructure Practices, Shelly also works with companies at the forefront of addressing climate imperatives such as decarbonization, grid modernization and resilience, transportation electrification, water conservation, resource circularity, waste to energy and other transformative solutions. Her clients include energy and water utilities, renewable energy development and technology companies such as wind (on and offshore), solar, energy storage, carbon mitigation and sequestration and supportive energy and water infrastructure. 

Shelly holds a masters in Environmental Science from the University of Texas at Dallas and a bachelors in Zoology (Biology and Environmental Science) from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.