Senior Consultant

Tania is a member of the consulting team. She develops projects which contribute to the performance improvement of public and private organizations both for national and international companies.

She has been involved in a variety of projects, ranging from analysis and diagnosis to the actual implementation of solutions which help people and organizations achieve their best performance and fulfill their true potential.

Tania has participated in projects related to the analysis and evaluation of strengths and development, both for management and operational teams, as well as for the organizational culture as a whole.

She has mainly focused on leadership development projects and performance management, and through organizational improvements and motivation she has led leaders to perform at their best.

Tania has specialized in leadership and talent projects covering areas such as skills assessment, application and evaluation of potential diagnostic tools, cultural and leadership transformation, as well as talent management.

Additionally, she has participated in several compensation projects, performance analysis and retribution diagnosis projects (job description and valuation, strategy design, and the like). Furthermore, Tania has been a key player in organizational architecture projects, providing insightful recommendations to improve processes in organizational structures which result in a positive outcome for the entity.

Tania has more than 10 years of experience in Human Resources as a generalist and consultant most of which have been dedicated to developing and training effective work teams to accomplish goals.

She also has experience as a headhunter in both national and international companies.

She graduated with honors in 2010 with a Bachelor´s degree in Psychology, and obtained a Honorable Mention when she graduated from her Master’s degree in Strategic Management of Human Capital from La Salle University, also she has a Master´s degree in Directive Coaching and Leadership from La Universitat de Barcelona.