Senior Business Development Director

Torben Kosboth, based in Duisburg, Germany, boasts a rich 20-year career in the global B2B landscape. 

His journey encompasses roles as diverse as Senior Export Manager, Sales Excellence Manager, Key Account Manager, Project Manager for a major post-merger integration effort, Senior Consultant in Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Pricing, and Organizational Development, and independent consultant.

Torben's career has spanned small and large companies across sectors like the chemical industry, general engineering, machinery, and consulting and training. Clients value his unique blend of result-oriented focus, approachability, and multifaceted market analysis skills that elevate sales and marketing performance.

Torben's clients see him as a competent professional who delivers tangible results. His extensive experience, combined with his adaptable skill set, establishes him as a trusted leader in sales and marketing excellence, making a significant impact on his clients' success.

He has worked internationally in both German and English and has inter-cultural knowledge and experience. His motto is: “Hard on the topic, gentle in execution.”