Defying the odds:

Prepping employees for success in first-time situations

One of the key derailment points for high-performing talent is the transition to a new and challenging role. The trend is toward employees taking on bigger jobs at even earlier points in their career, meaning that the ambiguity and risks associated with role transitions are more significant than ever. Employees need, and in many cases expect, guidance and support from HR to navigate these critical career milestones.

By meeting the needs of employees at this point in their careers you are not only helping to ensure their success but also drive higher levels of engagement and therefore increase retention.

View this webcast to learn:

  • The skills required to determine success when people first move into a management role;
  • The challenges that newly appointed executives face and the areas of focus that will help them succeed;
  • The high touch interpersonal skills needed to stand out in an international assignment;
  • Strategies for beginning development in advance of making each of these transition

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