What's trending in technology talent acquisition?

The rapid pace of change within the Technology sector is creating new challenges for HR and Talent Acquisition teams as companies work to better identify, attract and retain top talent. Digital transformation and an increasing focus on cybersecurity are creating a demand for new skills. As digital continues to disrupt the way non-tech companies do business, tech organizations are seeing their talent poached by nontraditional talent competitors within Life Sciences and Industrials.

In an effort to appeal to the sentiments of millennials and cut costs, tech companies are embracing contingent labor. Given the number of initiatives dedicated to advancing women in technology, the investment in them and the breadth of their scope, many tech companies are focusing on creating gender balance. Throughout each of these trends, runs a common thread: employer brand.

Watch this seminar for an insightful discussion around the trends shaping talent acquisition in the Technology industry, the challenges that have stemmed as a result, and how providers are developing strategies to overcome these obstacles.

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