Breaking through: The winning formula for sales success

Learn how to break through change to build a winning sales formula.


Pablo Dominguez

Operating Partner, Sales & Customer Success at Insights Partners

Andrew Gray

Sales Enablement Leader at Liferay

Nick Gregory

Vice President of Sales Enablement at Korbyt

Quick fixes and stop-gap solutions are not enough for lasting sales transformation. 

40 years of research and experience tells us that high performing sales organizations have several things in common in their winning sales formula. A go-to-market strategy and organizational structure aligned to the buyer. The right people in the right roles. And processes, tools and skills that allow them to be more responsive to changes in the selling landscape. 

Hear our latest sales research insights combined with discussion from your peers and industry experts on: 

  • The increasingly enabled buyer – and how this is influencing sales models and strategies.
  • The buyer / seller disconnect – and what to do about it.
  • Quick wins vs long term gains - priorities for sales leaders and how to get started with sales transformation. 

Learn how to break through change to build a winning sales formula.

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