On the Road Again: Korn Ferry Survey Shows Majority of Professionals are Looking Forward to Travelling for Work, Though Some Admit Anxiety about Returning


A new Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY) survey shows that while the majority of professionals are looking forward to travelling for work when it is once again allowed, many still have concerns about returning to the road.

More than three-quarters (76 percent) say they miss travelling for work, with 41 percent saying they miss it very much. The top reason they miss travelling is face-to-face interactions with clients and colleagues (68 percent).

Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) say they are more effective at their jobs when they are allowed to travel, and 93 percent say in-person meetings with clients and colleagues create better long-term working relationships.

However, there is still some hesitation about returning to pre-pandemic routines. Nearly one-quarter (24 percent) say they are afraid to return to travel due to health concerns, even when they are cleared to do so. Two-thirds (66 percent) say companies should mandate vaccines for employees who resume travel.

“For many professionals, business travel has been an integral part of how they form strong ties with colleagues and clients, and how they get the job done,” said Sarah Jensen Clayton, Korn Ferry Senior Client Partner and leader of the firm’s North American Culture and Change capability. “As we plan for the post-pandemic future, business leaders will need to balance the priority of protecting employee safety with the benefits of in-person meetings to ensure teams are both effective and healthy.”

The survey shows that there are downsides to work travel that will linger post-pandemic.

More than half (59 percent) say the largest downside is being away from family, while 26 percent say it’s less relevant in an increasingly virtual work environment. The majority (65 percent) say they are healthier when they don’t travel for work because they eat better, exercise more regularly and sleep better at home.

About the Korn Ferry survey:

808 professionals took the survey in mid-March 2021.

Survey results:

Have you missed traveling for work?

Yes, very much                                                                       41 percent

Yes a little bit                                                                          35 percent

Not too much                                                                          14 percent

Not at all                                                                                  10 percent

If you miss work travel, what’s the top reason?

Face-to-face interaction with clients/colleagues                 68 percent

Seeing new environments                                                      22 percent

Learning from those around me                                            10 percent

What is the top drawback of work travel?

Being away from family                                                          59 percent

In a virtual world it’s less relevant                                         26 percent

Being unhealthy (greasy food, no exercise)                         15 percent

To what extent would you agree that in-person meetings with clients and colleagues creates better long-term working relationships?

To a great extent                                                                    57 percent

To some extent                                                                       36 percent

It has no impact                                                                       7 percent

Are you afraid to travel for work once you are cleared to do so due to health concerns?

Yes                                                                                          24 percent

No                                                                                           76 percent

Should your company mandate vaccinations for workers who travel for work?

Yes                                                                                          66 percent

No                                                                                           34 percent

Are you more effective at your job with or without work travel?

With work travel                                                                    65 percent

Without work travel                                                              35 percent

Do you feel like you are healthier without work travel (regular sleep, exercise, healthier eating)

Yes                                                                                          65 percent

No                                                                                           35 percent

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