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Your Accountant Knows How Much You Make, But Do You Wonder What They Earn? Korn Ferry Breaks it Down by Level and Geography

LOS ANGELES, April 8, 2019 – Your tax professional knows just about every detail of your financial life, but did you ever wonder what they get paid to make sure you are in compliance with the tax laws?

Using Korn Ferry’s (NYSE:KFY) Pay Database (the world’s largest) researchers conducted an analysis of compensation for these hard-working professionals.

The U.S. national average of tax professional annual salaries is as follows:

  • Tax analyst (1-2 years experience): $60,050
  • Intermediate tax accountant (2-4 years experience) $66,969
  • Senior tax accountant (6+ years experience) $99,625

Researchers also analyzed average annual salaries for tax professionals in major cities across the United States:

Tax analyst$59,175
Intermediate tax accountant    $66,006
Senior tax accountant$100,093
Tax analyst$70,788
Intermediate tax accountant $78,777
Senior tax accountant$116,085
Tax analyst$65,769
Intermediate tax accountant $73,258
Senior tax accountant$108,509
Tax analyst$60,634
Intermediate tax accountant $67,611
Senior tax accountant$103,927
Tax analyst$63,318
Intermediate tax accountant $70,563
Senior tax accountant$104,769
Tax analyst$64,252
Intermediate tax accountant $71,590
Senior tax accountant$105,049
New York
Tax analyst$71,780
Intermediate tax accountant $79,868
Senior tax accountant$121,041
Tax analyst$64,427
Intermediate tax accountant $71,782
Senior tax accountant$107,481
San Francisco  
Tax analyst$76,273
Intermediate tax accountant$84,810
Senior tax accountant$125,530

“Being a tax professional is a big job as their clients entrust them to understand all aspects of the tax code and to give the best advice on financial matters beyond simply filing tax returns,” said Korn Ferry Senior Client Partner Tom McMullen. “Our analysis shows that as they gain more experience, work on a variety and more complex tax matters as well as advising and influencing their customers, they are rewarded accordingly.”

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