Data Submission

Streamline your pay data upload to make quick decisions about your employee pay program

Need key insights about your current pay data, fast?

We can help with our data submission tool. Upload employee data to the Korn Ferry Pay platform quickly and easily via a secure online system and get to the insights from your data faster than ever, so you can spend more time making impactful decisions about pay.

Leveraging AI, our tool helps you prepare and upload data faster by streamlining the process. It also matches your data to our Job Architecture model, helping to improve the accuracy and consistency of the data you submit. This, in turn, means superior reporting and analysis—all of which improves your ability to make sound business decisions.  

How data submission works

When you purchase compensation data from Korn Ferry, you’ll need to submit your organization’s pay data. This in turn allows you to make the most accurate and effective comparisons. 

Prepare your data

Our data submission tool eliminates most of the manual work involved in preparing data. To ensure you have the very latest data on hand to analyze all you need to do is: 

  • Submit your data (using your own HR information system remuneration data templates or one of ours)
  • Let our AI automatically match your jobs 
  • Reupload your data, if needed, whenever information changes or if you’d like to model new scenarios.

Streamline your data submission

You can assign users to complete subtasks, track progress, and oversee the process all from one place—even if users are in multiple departments or multiple countries. Our tool helps you:

  • Save time and work by reducing repetitive tasks
  • Get insights faster with a streamlined data submission process
  • Make better decisions with sound data and analysis

If you need support using the tool, we provide step-by-step guidance on submitting data and answer any questions that come up during the process. We have you covered.

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