Advanced Selling

Conceptual Selling® with Perspective

Develop meeting strategies that lead to better outcomes.

  • Onsite Instructor-led
  • Digital/E-learning

Program description

Your sales team’s ability to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace hinges on sellers’ interactions with customers.

Conceptual Selling with Perspective helps sellers prepare for meetings with buyers, whether planned or impromptu.

Sales success requires both a sales process and plan for customer interactions. Conceptual Selling with Perspective focuses on customer-centric conversations, building on the strategic analysis covered in Strategic Selling with Perspective. As a result, sellers learn how to carefully assess buyer needs, avoiding misalignment between what customers want and what sellers are presenting.

This sales training program provides a simple, repeatable structure essential for anyone who interacts with customers.

Learning objectives

  • Plan for every customer interaction to ensure productive use of seller’s and customer’s time.
  • Find appropriate ways to provide perspective to each player in a sale.
  • Conclude every meeting with clear actions for both sides to ensure the opportunity continues to move forward.
  • Ask questions that will uncover critical information.
  • Add discipline to customer meetings, so they are client focused.
  • Identify and align the selling process with where customers are in their buying process.
  • Identify where to best allocate resources, including their time, for customer meetings.
  • Ensure the sales process is moving forward with every customer interaction.
  • Unify the sales team by enabling consistent best practice behaviors.

Key learnings from Conceptual Selling with Perspective sales training classes

To succeed in sales, every interaction with customers must be treated as an opportunity to move forward or improve the relationship.

Today, effective sales training must put the customer at the center of all sales training courses. Customers sift through more information than ever before, leading to information overload and difficulty in sales planning. When sellers plan a selling concept for these valuable interactions, they not only make the most of their time with customers, they also increase the likelihood of an opportunity closing and uncover more potential opportunities.

Those who take this sales training course will learn that:

  • Anytime a salesperson meets with a customer, two processes take place simultaneously. While salespeople have typically been trained to focus on the selling process, from the customer's perspective, there is also a buying process that must be recognized and understood. Solving the misalignment between these two processes is an outcome of Conceptual Selling with Perspective.
  • There is no such thing as customer solutions or value propositions that are one-size-fits-all. The only way to understand what will help you win is to ask the right questions and listen. This sales training class provides a simple, repeatable structure that should be considered essential for anyone who interacts with customers.
  • This is one of our most popular and most effective sales training classes available to sellers, often making top-ten lists for teams building enterprise sales strategies and for sales leadership searching for effective selling planners.

Taking this selling concept training will allow you to enhance all of your sales interactions with customers, whether you are engaging them in a scheduled, multi-attendee meeting or an impromptu, one-to-one session.