Advanced Selling

Negotiate Success

Take a customer-centric approach to negotiations that leads to win-win outcomes.

  • Onsite Instructor-led
  • Digital/E-learning

Program description

Negotiate your way to better outcomes.

Effective negotiation is an elusive, but vital skill in sales organizations. Our Negotiate Success training helps sellers gain buyer commitment without sacrificing trust. By acknowledging buyer interests throughout the sales cycle, sellers will use their negotiation skills to reach agreements that satisfy all parties.

This is a comprehensive sales negotiations training course that results in more profitable sales and accelerated sales cycles. With Negotiate Success from Korn Ferry, you'll learn how to guide the negotiation of complex sales or contracts without succumbing to discount pressures — while still offering valuable solutions to customers.

Learning objectives

  • Better identify options and alternatives to satisfy interests of the customer and the selling organization.
  • Counter manipulative tactics that may be used in complex negotiations and return to a win-win customer interaction.
  • Improve preparation and planning of meetings where items will be negotiated.
  • Ensure salespeople are practicing a win-win negotiation approach.
  • Effectively collaborate with selling teams to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

Learn sales negotiation skills to handle 21 distinct negotiation types

To prepare you for challenging sales negotiation situations, you'll learn how to respond to the 21 most frequently encountered sales negotiation styles. Here are five of the 21 sales negotiation styles you'll master in this sales negotiating training course: 

  • The Haggle – You'll learn how to handle a sales negotiation where one party opens a negotiation by making an extreme or unreasonable offer. As sales negotiations continue, they fold a bit while obtaining a more generous compromise from you. We'll teach you exactly what to do to overcome this common negotiating style.
  • Take It or Leave It – In this sales negotiating scenario, one party demands the other accept the offer on the table or end negotiations. In some cases, this can be an attempt to force you to concede. A few simple techniques from this training will give you the upper hand in this situation.
  • Absentee Decision-maker – When the wrong people are at the table, you'll encounter the "my hands are tied" sales negotiating tactic. They may agree with you, but their boss or their board make the decisions. After taking this sales training course, you won't be at a disadvantage when the other side uses this tactic.
  • The Flinch – Ever been in a sales negotiation when no matter what offer you bring to the table, the other party reacts as if it is extreme? The goal of this tactic is for you to lower your expectations and make larger deals. But completing our negotiating skills training course know exactly how to handle this tactic.
  • Fait Accompli – You're likely familiar with this one. It's when a party tells you that despite prior conversations, an internal decision has been made to not use your professional services. The other party indicates that their decision is final. What's your next move in this situation? We've got the answers you need.