Customer Experience Strategies

Service Ready for Technical Support & Field Service

Build relationships beyond the quick fix.

  • Onsite Instructor-led

Program description

Connect and build loyalty with customers in high-stakes situations.

Technical support engineers and field service representatives provide service in uncertain environments. With tight deadlines, big budgets, complex solutions and daunting responsibilities, they’re laser-focused on fixing broken products. Each time your field service reps interface with a client—whether face-to-face, in writing or over the phone—they have an opportunity to build and maintain the customer relationship in challenging moments.

Service Ready for Technical Support & Field Service helps them build skills to meet and exceed customer expectations, providing an experience that delights your customers—even in situations that are less than delightful.

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate confidence through verbal and written communication.
  • Lower overall time-to-resolution (TTR) though more efficient and effective communication with internal and external customers.
  • Improve cooperation and reduce escalations through stronger customer relationships.
  • Keep conversations on track, reducing the overall TTR and total call time.
  • Reduce escalations by setting and maintaining realistic expectations for service.
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores in situations where the customer’s request(s) can’t be met.
  • Provide alternatives to customer requests that offer the next-best possible solutions.
  • Reduce escalations from upset customers by handling more situations at the front-line level.
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores in cases involving upset customers.

Field and Technical Support Training is critical to improving customer satisfaction

Soft skills, including communication skills, are an essential element of delivering an exceptional customer experience that builds customer loyalty. Customer support executives frequently know that communication skills training for their field technicians and support personnel is one of the greatest areas of opportunity. But many organizations don’t devote the time and resources necessary to develop those skills.

When organizations include communication skills in their customer support training curriculum, they see remarkable results: 

  • They fix more problems in the first call, leading to higher resolution in the first call.
  • Their support reps and technicians deliver a consistently high level of service and become strong brand ambassadors.
  • Customers report feeling more satisfied in their overall experience with sellers.

This is where field and technical support training makes a difference.