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Who are career nomads?

People who tend to move from job to job, changing companies or careers more frequently than average workers.

Career nomads are not mediocre talent, leaving before their lackluster performance is discovered. They are highly talented, highly learning agile, sought-after professionals that are not content to stay in one place, and seek out progressive challenges and learning opportunities.

What are their impacts on organizations?

Career nomads can get bored easily and need new challenges to stay engaged. Companies may hire this promising talent only to be disappointed when they leave.

Because career nomads learn new expertise quickly, they can move into hard-to-fill roles, take on ambiguous assignments or start something new… if companies are willing to take a chance on nontraditional career paths.

Organizations with best-in-class talent practices leverage more value from career nomads and reduce the risk of losing these learning-oriented high performers.

Do career nomads cost or benefit your organization?

Career nomads are on the rise. These high-performing people switch companies and careers frequently—and it’s not just millennials. How is this trend impacting your company’s bottom line? Find out using this Career Nomad calculator.

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What percent of your workforce are full-time salaried employees?
What percent of people leaving your company are career nomads?
What is the average annual compensation for salaried employees?
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What is the average hourly wage for contract or contingent workers?
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What percent of jobs are low complexity (low skill, easy to fill)?
What is the rate of turnover at your company overall?
What percent of open jobs are difficult to fill (it takes longer than 3-6 months to fill)?

Career nomads could be costing your company...

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But that’s not the whole story, given their breadth of experience, high curiosity and learning agility, career nomads are an asset, too.

Career nomads could be benefiting your company...

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… for a net benefit of…

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But let’s not leave it there, your company’s talent strategy can capitalize on the value career nomads bring.