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A New Year, A New Podcast Playlist, A New You

A selection of podcasts that cater to mind, body, and spirit.

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Of course, the experts say multitasking isn’t effective or good for us—but since we all do it anyway, why not break the rules by listening to a podcast that’s going to hopefully instill healthy habits? You know, habits like how to be fully present for this single-ticket ride called life or how to develop deep concentration skills, so that we can direct our energy toward what matters most.

These days there are podcasts on every wellness topic imaginable, covering body, mind, and spirit. Some shows focus on a specific topic, while others span the gamut, but essential to all is an engaging host with the know-how to separate fact from fad. Whether you’re interested in learning to change your DNA through functional movement or understanding yourself and others better, these podcasts guide listeners on the path toward better living.

Maintenance Phase

Start with: The Body Mass Index

The gist: The hosts dig into wellness and diet culture, answering common questions and debunking unfounded ideas.

The Doctor’s Kitchen

Start with: The Power of Food

The gist: After facing his own health crisis, Dr. Rupy Aujla set out to address his own diet and teach others what they don’t in medical school.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Start with: You Can’t Hurt David Goggins

The gist: This entertainment lawyer turned ultra-endurance athlete explores creativity, addiction recovery, nutrition, entrepreneurship, entertainment, and peak performance.

Balanced Black Girl

Start with: Overcoming Money Trauma and Redistributing Wealth

The gist: Get your finances in order, learn to invest, and experience abundance, along with other wide-ranging best practices.

How’s Work?

Start with: Couples Therapy with My Boss

The gist: Esther Perel, known for triaging romantic relationships, takes on the workplace, from navigating promotions to burnout to difficult colleagues.

The Minimalist Podcast

Start with: Stuffitis

The gist: The Emmy-nominated and New York Times-bestselling duo helps people find more fulfillment through consuming less. 


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