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Visit: Tbilisi, Georgia

The Paris of the Caucasus.

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This small transcontinental country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia has emerged from obscurity to become the Paris of the Caucasus and the cultural epicenter of the region.

Not only has Tbilisi made cameos on a number of “best places to visit” rankings in recent years, it’s also attracting expats looking to stay awhile with its cheap cost of living and digital-nomad visa. The “Remotely from Georgia” visa is free, quick, and easy to apply for online, and allows visitors to stay a full year. The government and local businesses have launched additional programs allowing remote workers to share office space with Georgians.

A mixture of old Ottoman and modern European, Tbilisi is considered the South Caucasus’ most cosmopolitan city.

High above the city is a towering cable car that reaches from the south end of Rike Park to the Kura River and Old Town, up to Narikala Fortress.

Outside of the capital, visitors can explore bucolic countryside villages, Black Sea coastline, or rugged mountain terrains, as Georgia is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe.

Georgia’s location along the Silk Road makes its cuisine the world’s original fusion fare, with European, Asian, Turkish, and Russian influences.

Georgia was one of the first countries in the world to produce wine, with a selection of distinct regional vintages.

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