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Hearst has long held a commitment to diversity, equity and respect for all its people. But not all employees knew how they could play a role in the organization’s commitment to inclusion.

So, HR leaders started looking for ways to accelerate their diversity programming.

To date the company has trained more than 15,000 people in conscious inclusion using Korn Ferry’s INCLUDE framework.

Each division in the company has taken the need to become more inclusive to heart and the Executive Leadership Team at Hearst supports the program, empowering people to make a difference by reinforcing inclusion as the cornerstone of the company culture.

“We’re building knowledge over time that will have a cumulative effect on behavior and culture change.”
~ Michelle Bennett, Hearst’s Senior Vice President, Talent Development

Read Hearst's story to discover:

  • The six initiatives Hearst actioned across their training program
  • The seven behaviors needed to accomplish DE&I goals
  • The three-phase solution Hearst implemented to build an inclusive workforce

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