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Develop inclusive leaders at scale

March 9, 2022

Our Inclusive™ Leader program combines the best of our world-class DE&I assessment and development expertise into bite-sized, personalized learning journeys via a single user-friendly platform accessible to all.

Inclusive leaders build high performing, innovative teams

To create the momentum needed to become an inclusive organization, change needs to happen at scale, starting with all leaders. Inclusive leaders will identify potential and leverage the differences within diverse teams to achieve better business performance.

Our Inclusive Leader digital solution combines the best of our world-class DE&I assessment and development expertise into bite-sized, personalized learning journeys via a single user-friendly platform accessible to all. Now you can realize your inclusion strategy cost effectively and with consistency on a global scale. Providing every manager across your organization the opportunity to change their behavior for the long term and inspire an inclusive mindset in others.

Release potential and drive growth

  • What if you could get every employee to move closer to go-to levels of performance by enabling them to feel included?
  • What would the impact be on your culture in terms of collaboration, innovation, and engagement?
  • By creating a place where all people feel they can be themselves... and be supported, respected, and valued both for who they are as individuals and for their unique contributions, inclusive leaders can unleash everyone’s potential.

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A smooth, simple and easy-to-use platform

Here's an example of what participants can expect on their journey to becoming a more inclusive leader.

chart showing 6 hours of learning over 3-6 months

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Steps in the Inclusive Leader learning journey

  1. First step in the journey: Welcome & online portal tutorial
  2. Second step in the journey: Self-assessment: Situational Judgement Test (SJT)
  3. Third step in the journey: Optional self-assessment: KF Assess w/ The Inclusive Leader Participant Development Report
  4. Fourth step in the journey: Leading self development module
  5. Fifth step in the journey: Leading Teams development module
  6. Sixth step in the journey: Leading the organization development module
  7. Final step in the journey: Reinforcement tools

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The Inclusive Leader wheel

Inclusive Leader traits

  • Authenticity includes trust and humility
  • Emotional resilience includes composure and situational self awareness
  • Self-assurance includes confidence and optimism
  • Inquisitiveness includes openness to differences, curiosity and empathy
  • Flexibility includes tolerance of ambiguity and adaptability.

Inclusive Leader competencies

1. Leading self

Builds interpersonal trust
  • Values differences
  • Instills trust

2. Leading teams

Integrates diverse perspectives
  • Balances stakeholders
  • Manages conflict
Optimizes talent
  • Drives engagement
  • Develops talent
  • Collaborates

3. Leading organization

Achieves transformation
  • Courage
  • Persuades
  • Drives results
Applies an adaptive mindset
  • Situational adaptability
  • Global perspective
  • Cultivates innovation

The success profile of an inclusive leader

The 5 disciplines and traits that make up the profile

Based on an analysis of over 3 million leadership assessments, thousands of in-depth interviews, and proven practice, we identified the five disciplines and trait clusters that make up the profile of The Inclusive™ Leader. We use this as the basis to assess and develop leaders against.

The Inclusive Leader Assessment

Each learner completes a professional self-assessment

Our online assessment presents an individual with a series of engaging, real-life, work-related scenarios specific to The Inclusive™ Leader model and profile.

  • We assess an individual’s ability to choose the most appropriate action and determine whether an individual can make effective judgements— specifically aligned to inclusive leadership
  • Feedback is easy to understand and to use for development—participants receive a report containing rich development insights that help them consider their approach to work, reflect on successes and development areas, and plan for their longer-term development and skills training
  • An individual’s assessment data helps define development focus through the personalized learning journey with targeted recommendations tailored to the participant’s results

Inclusive Leader targeted learning journey

We offer a personalized, guided learning experience

To develop and nurture more inclusive behaviors, we offer a personalized learning journey through engaging content and practical reinforcement tools.

  • Core required learning
  • Additional required learning
  • Supplemental materials