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The Korn Ferry DE&I Compass

April 1, 2022

Find out where and how to optimize your DE&I approach.

With Korn Ferry’s DE&I Compass, you’re able to:

  • Get a clear view of how you are performing across five strategic DE&I dimensions through analysis of a research-backed employee listening survey.
  • Quickly identify DE&I employee experience gaps with AI-backed analytics and world-class benchmarks
  • Conduct a deep-dive gap analysis for key demographics including gender, age and ethnicity, using our proprietary dashboards
  • Close experience gaps with guidance from Korn Ferry DE&I experts so you know where and how to navigate your organization to the next level

What we measure for DE&I

Our DE&I Compass takes the pulse of your organization via an online employee listening survey, measuring your maturity on five strategic dimensions: Risk Management, Awareness, Talent Integration, Operations Integration and Market Integration.

And because driving real change requires both behavioral inclusion (mindsets, skillsets, relationships) and structural inclusion (structures, processes, practices), our approach incorporates both perspectives across each dimension.

Our world-leading DE&I technology

The Korn Ferry DE&I Compass solution is powered by Qualtrics, the world’s most secure, scalable and powerful employee listening platform, allowing you to access our research-backed insight through world-leading technology. This gives you:

  • Scalable surveys with benchmarked questions from Korn Ferry’s world-leading normative database
  • Real-time reporting with intuitive dashboards to accelerate program actions
  • Key trends and easy-to-use gap analysis reporting for different demographics, and analysis of open text comments so that you can understand what, in your employees’ own words, matters most
  • Automated and advanced analytics to enable rapid and smart decisions
  • World-class program management ensuring seamless delivery
  • Analysis and recommendations from Korn Ferry DE&I experts

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Korn Ferry is one of the world’s leading employee experience and DE&I consultancies. Contact us to learn how we can help you on your DE&I journey.

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