Delivering the accurate mining industry compensation data you need

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This 22nd edition of our Global Mining Review features reliable, informative data that is quality-assured through rigorous auditing. Our dedicated resources across various geographic regions deliver compensation data, trends and analysis based on more than 230 benchmark positions — from first-line supervisors to corporate executives.

Building on our growing scope and scale

Our 2023 review builds on the comprehensive approach of our 2022 installment, which included 70 companies, 273 participating business units, 74,000 professional and managerial incumbents, and 800 executives.

A complete range of informative reports

For 2023, our team is offering three main categories of reports: country reports, global executive reports and global PD&E reports.

Our available country reports include Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Peru and the United States, featuring country market data for salaries, as well as annual and long-term incentives. Country reports also include pay forecasts, economic indicators and geographic and/or job family pay analyses.

The global executive report provides global market pricing data for salaries, annual and long-term incentives, global executive compensation and governance trends, incentive metrics research, executive severance data and more.

Another unique offering is the global PD&E report, which includes the same key data from our global executive report with an added special focus on project development, exploration and corporate technical service roles. PD&E pay policies, practices and market pay differentials are also included.

Providing a valuable industry resource

To better serve the needs of today's mining industry, our review is not simply title-based, but instead features simple-to-use job size and job match compensation analysis. The review's soft copy format also includes Excel-based output tools to make data more accessible than ever.

If you’re interested in contributing to our 2023 data, we will begin data collection this spring, followed by data processing over the summer and a target publication date in the winter. Please contact us here to learn more.

We look forward to once again supporting the global mining industry with another comprehensive, reliable and informative review in the year ahead.

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