Audio Transcript

The Potential Code: Element 1 - Leadership

In a recent Korn Ferry study 59% of people said the leader in their business was the person who influenced their personal energy most.

So as a leader, you have the power to unlock the potential in others, setting off a positive chain reaction across teams and, ultimately your entire organization

Now whether you succeed or not depends on your style.

And Korn Ferry’s Potential Code identified two styles of leadership – one that’s successful and one that’s not.

The one that’s not successful is the TOXIC leadership style.

This includes leaders who only focus on hitting targets.

And look, they might be effective in the short-term. But over time, this leadership approach, rarely brings out the best in their teams—or business....because they’re just too focused on the bottom line....and they don’t balance the needs of individuals on their teams...and ultimately this style, ends up pushing people out of their business.

On the other hand, there’s the VISIONARY leadership style...which according to the Potential Code is the more successful approach and includes leaders who...

...see the big picture and communicate about it constantly.

...leaders who use their company purpose to guide decisions and help everyone make the connection between their role and the bigger impact they have on the business.

...leaders who clearly articulate a shared mission and use it to give long-term direction to everyone around them.

...and leaders who understand that they can’t do it all alone and that collaboration makes their entire business stronger.

It’s a style that ultimately creates a positive workplace, where people are energized to succeed.

Simply put, it’s a style every leader should try to emulate.

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