Audio Transcript

The Potential Code: Element 3 - Culture

If you ask the world's most admired companies to tell you one of the most underrated drivers for their success...many of them will say the same thing—CULTURE.

In fact, over a third of them agree that culture is the TOP determinant of long-term success.

They also agree their strong cultures drive 30% or more of their market value.

Of course, the BIG question is—can you say the same about your culture?

If not, consider implementing these two strategies from Korn Ferry's Potential Code...

First...make EVERY leader in vour organization a chief culture officer instead of appointing one person to that role. This will create a collective culture stewardship that encourages a 'see something, say something' effect, where people are more likely to speak up if things aren't working and learn from mistakes.

Another thing you should do is prioritize psychological safety...because people will be in a better position to push themselves when they feel psychologically and physically safe.

The point is—a toxic culture will stifle your company's potential.. but these strategies can help it breathe.

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