Audio Transcript

The Potential Code: Element 6 - Alignment

A recent Korn Ferry study of over 100,000 employees found that only 10%  had an optimal match with their role.

In other words, alignment to roles is a BIG missed opportunity...especially when you consider the fact that putting people in the roles that match their behaviors, skills and motivations unleashes their potential and has a knock-on effect to business by tripling ROI.

So, how can your organization ensure that your people are the perfect match for the roles they’re in and unlock potential?

According to Korn Ferry’s Potential Code, to make better alignment between your people and their roles, companies shouldn’t rely on gut instincts, but instead take a science-based approach to recruiting and promoting...and even consider success profiles — which are Korn Ferry’s dynamic benchmarks for traits people need, assessments, interviews or simulations.

Of course, once you maximize alignment and unlock your peoples’ potential in their current need to start looking toward the future and keep an eye out for and nurture the people with the following traits...

...People who learn from experience and apply their skills in new situations or to rise to unfamiliar challenges. These FLEXIBLE LEARNERS are the people who are likely to evolve with your business.

...Also look out for the logical thinkers, the pattern-spotters and the people who spot trends in data that others miss. These PROBLEM SOLVERS will be invaluable in solving future challenges.

...and lastly keep an eye out for people who are aware of how their emotions impact their work. These PERSONAL REFLECTORS will use their emotional intelligence to build high energy, high performing teams.

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