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Future of work 2022: By the numbers

February 23, 2022

Real-world data around the 7 trends that are dominating the corporate world


What are organizations’ biggest challenges today? We asked almost 1000 people in a recent webinar which three trends they were struggling with the most and which organizations were ignoring at their peril. Find out what they said in our latest ebook, plus data around the 7 trends.

Read the ebook for more on:

  • Talent shortages - data comparisons from 2018 surveys to today.
  • How do organizations view reinvention, what are they doing?
  • Job roles – how have they shifted, what do organizations today believe will become obsolete?
  • Are organizations doing the work to become more diverse and inclusive? We asked 4,500 people around the globe.
  • Find out what generational differences mean around what they look for in job roles and organizations.
  • The economic burden of unwell workers on organizations.

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