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There's no doubt that the number of challenges your business faces when it comes to the talent considerations of your workforce model are infinite. Considerations include immediate versus long-term, urgent versus tactical, and universal versus organization-specific challenges. All of these aspects combine to inform your workforce solution for professional and executive talent.

What you might not realize is that interim or contract talent can be so much more than a mere stopgap measure for keeping your business running until a permanent person takes hold of the wheel. With the right interim solution—one that incorporates a holistic view rather than siloed—you can powerfully address big-picture business challenges.

How do I create a strategic yet scalable workforce solution?

Under Korn Ferry’s proven Identify > Enable > Move model, your workforce solutions can clearly evolve from high-level questions into definitive answers. This is how it works:

1. Identify is the process of pinpointing ways to create a more flexible, agile workforce through the utilization of interim talent.

2. Enable is the process of flexing of your workforce, up and down, and switching specialist talent in and out fast.

3. Move is the process of deploying interims in a scalable, hybrid workforce to let you progress quicker than the competition to seize opportunities or counter threats.

Explore our model to see how Korn Ferry’s powerful Interim solution can help you create an agile workforce, engage specialized talent quickly and move the needle on some of your largest business objectives or challenges.

Download the Identify > Enable > Move matrix for resolutions to common business challenges when it comes to interim hiring.


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